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SRS employee in the labWhat our employees are saying...

 "I am doing work that isn't done anywhere else in the world. How can you not find that exciting?"
  -- Brandon Hathaway, Reservoir Systems

 "A wonderful opportunity for an exciting career in the Defense Programs at SRS."
  -- Heather Mentzer, Process Systems SRS employee in the field

 "I was attracted to SRS by the same things that many are... competitive pay, low cost of living, and proximity to my family. Now that I'm here, I've found a workplace that demands solutions to complex problems, and allows me to contribute in a  significant way and make real decisions."
  -- Colin Ferguson, Tritium Engineering

 "Helping keep America safe has made SRS a rewarding career choice for me."
  -- Scott Williams, Defense Programs

Potential Assignments and Involvement Opportunities:

arrow Nuclear material disposition
arrow Site operations
arrow Nuclear nonproliferation
arrow National Management Association

arrow Environmental restoration
arrow Research and development
arrow Regulatory interface
arrow College Hire Advisory Council

arrow Spent nuclear fuel management
arrow Tritium operations
arrow Educational outreach
arrow New technologies - AND MORE!

SRS employees in the field
How to Apply

SRNS is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V
U.S. citizenship required


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