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                                              to the March 2020 edition of
                                              SRNS Today

                          Stuart MacVean
                     SRNS President and CEO

                                              It’s an unprecedented time for us all. One day, it’s business as usual. The next day, the
                              On the cover    corona virus pandemic has changed the world.
                  With safety glasses at the ready   To address the situation here at the Savannah River Site, Savannah River Nuclear
                   and pencil in hand, Andy Baker   Solutions has taken steps to activate our Infectious Disease Response Team. Along
                  of SRNS Information Technology   with SRNS leadership, they are working around the clock to find the best ways to keep
                       prepares to craft a sheet
                   of plywood into a much-needed    us safe and continue our missions. Our Employee Assistance Program is also there
                improvement for the American Red   to help our team cope with these stressful times. As events unfold, we will continue
                         Cross building in Aiken    to look at ways to help our employees while maintaining safety and security in the
                         during Project VISION.  performance of our missions. I’m proud of our team who are continuing to make the
                                              world safer by protecting, processing, and dispositioning nuclear materials here at the
                                              Savannah River Site.

                                              Even in the face of this pandemic, SRNS employees still found it in their hearts to
                                              help others. Before the pandemic, Project VISION and the SRNS-hosted Field Day
                                              provided assistance and funding for area United Way agencies and for the American
                                              Heart Association, respectively.  Our company is also assisting area military veterans
                                              through an education Memorandum of Understanding with the University of South
                                              Carolina Aiken.

                                              I hope you enjoy this edition of SRNS Today, and that you all stay healthy and safe. As
                                              always, thank you for your interest in Savannah River Nuclear Solutions.

                                              Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC, is a Fluor-led company whose members are Fluor Federal Services, Newport
                                              News Nuclear and Honeywell. Since August 2008, SRNS has been the management and operating contractor for
                                              the Savannah River Site, a Department of Energy-owned site near Aiken, South Carolina, including the Savannah
                                              River National Laboratory. The SRNS corporate and community offices are located in the renovated 1912 “Old Post
                                              Office” building in Aiken, S.C. The primary initiatives of SRNS are national security, clean energy and environmental
                                              stewardship. SRNS Today is published monthly by SRNS Corporate Communications to inform our employees
                                              and other stakeholders of the company’s operational- and community-related activities. If you have questions or
                                              comments, please contact us at 803.952.6131 or visit our website.

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