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        One of the 24 teams competing in this year’s Science Bowl shares a laugh during the event.
        2020 Science Bowl

        Teams square off to put their scientific knowledge to the test

        Future scientists, engineers and mathematicians recently put their   contest involved 120 students from 16 high schools and is the only
        knowledge to the test during this year’s SRS Regional Science Bowl    academic competition of its kind that tests students’ knowledge in all
        Competition, which attracted 24 teams from across South Carolina   areas of science and is sponsored by a federal agency.
        and the greater Augusta, Ga. area.                      SRS is one of only four DOE sites to have participated each year
        This year’s winning team from Southside High School, Greenville, S.C.,   at the regional level since DOE started the National Science Bowl
        has earned an all-expense paid trip to the National Competition to be   competition in 1991. Since then, 300,000 students have participated.
        held in Washington, D.C., April 25-29. A part of the country’s largest   “We’ve had a really great time,” said Aiken High School junior Mason
        science tournament, the national event also offers several days of   Collins. “It’s really wild seeing the contrast in how each team works.
        hands-on science activities, seminars and sightseeing.     You have to be fast on the buzzer and pull that information from your
        South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics,   brain as fast as possible.”
        Hartsville, S.C., came in second, while Greenbrier High School in   Nicholas Lowe, a senior at Greenbrier High School who plans to
        Augusta, Ga., took third place.                         pursue a degree in environmental engineering, stated the event
        The format used is similar to the television show “Jeopardy,” where   quickly shows you just how little knowledge each of us possesses.
        teams face-off during a timed period of fast-paced question-and-answers.   “It’s really fun to learn about random chemistry or physics facts that
        Questions cover a wide range of academic disciplines including biology,   you’d normally not hear about,” said Lowe. “It’s rewarding to see
        chemistry, energy, math, physics, earth and space sciences.  people you know and meet new people that you can compete with
        Science Bowl teams consist of four students, an alternate and a   and afterward still be friends with.”
        teacher who serves as an advisor and coach. This year’s regional
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