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                                A flood

          of teamwork

        Fast response leads to recovery

           after December’s facility flood                                Flooded hallway in 730-1B    Hallway after repairs

        Teamwork and a strong continuity of operations mindset allowed a   levels, applying mold inhibitor, carpet replacement, painting, and
        recent domestic water event that affected many Site buildings to be   returning the facility back to normal operations.
        quickly resolved with little impact to operations.      “The teamwork from across different departments was phenomenal,”
        On Dec. 19, 2019, two failures occurred in the SRS water system,   said Swain. “IT worked to ensure critical systems—such as Payroll—
        which subsequently allowed pressure to increase in the domestic   were able to function correctly; Procurement helped find qualified
        drinking water supply lines in the Site’s administration area. This   facility disaster recovery specialists; and Security expedited badging
        resulted in leaks and flooding in multiple buildings, including Building   processes to make sure our subcontractors could get on site quickly.
        730-1B, the SRNS main administration building.          These are just a few departments whose employees sacrificed time
        “With it being near the December holidays, a good majority of the   with their families to make sure we could continue operations as usual.”
        workforce was not in the building, meaning disruption to employees   Other departments who participated in the recovery included Rigging,
        was not as bad as it could have been,” said Mike Swain, SRNS Senior   Maintenance, Construction, Engineering, Utilities, Subcontract
        Vice President of Technical Services. “The holidays also meant that   Technical Representatives, Business Management, Human Resources
        we had a limited staff to call on for help with recovery efforts. Even   and Facility Administrators.
        with staffing challenges, the response and mitigation efforts were   Stuart MacVean thanked employees for their responsiveness,
        efficient and effective.”                               particularly during their scheduled time-off over the holidays. “Thank you
        Recovery efforts included securing domestic water systems,   for your efforts in getting us back into the building on short order,” said
        coordination of clean-up efforts, temporary relocation of affected   MacVean.  “I am very proud of the response, which minimized damage
        employees, relocation of office furniture, monitoring of moisture   to the building and allowed for uninterrupted business operations.”

                                                                                                        Building 730-1B
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