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        Having a Field Day

        SRNS hosts inaugural event to benefit Heart Association

            SRNS recently hit another homerun for the American
            Heart Association (AHA) at the Inaugural Field Day
            Event. Eight teams competed in traditional field day
            events, raising more than $2,600 for the AHA.
            As a joint effort from SRNS leadership organizations Leaders
            Emerging Among Professionals (LEAP) and Aspiring Mid-Career
            Professionals (AMP), Field Day offered employees a chance to
            create teams and compete while raising money and awareness
            about cardiovascular disease and stroke.
            Teams competed in various field day events including cornhole,
            boardwalk, tug-of-war, home run derby and multiple relay races.
            During the relay race competition, teams went head-to-head in
            events like the dizzy bat spin, sack races and a three-legged race.   The SRNL “Field of Hearts” team puts science to work in the tug-of-war event.
            “This family-friendly event was a huge success,” said 2020   American Heart Association of the CSRA Director of
            SRNS Heart Walk Chair Josh Montgomery. “We were able to use   Development Kim Enoch was grateful for the amount of support
            teamwork in an effort to raise money for the American Heart   shown by SRNS employees during the event. “Year after year I
            Association while creating some friendly competition.”   am amazed at the generosity of SRNS employees,” said Enoch.
            “We are excited to see this event grow during future campaigns,”   “SRNS always goes the extra mile in support of the AHA, and
            continued Montgomery. “Thank you to all the participants who   I am humbled by the number of employees who show up to
            came to support and help us raise awareness and funds for heart   each event. This was also the only field day done in the CSRA in
            disease and cardiovascular research, and a special thank you to   support of the AHA.”
            the AMP and LEAP coordinators and volunteers who helped make   The AHA is a non-profit organization that funds cardiovascular
            this possible.”                                     medical research, educates consumers on healthy living and
            This year’s leaderboard included Ready for Heart Health taking   fosters appropriate cardiac care in an effort to reduce disability
            home the first-place title, True Trotters coming in second place   and deaths caused by cardiovascular disease and stroke.
            and HeartBeat/Helping Hearts coming in third.
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